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  • Anarchy in Austin with scott crow

    1 minute read Published: by Joel Williamson

    “We’re great at being fire brigades. We’re the first ones to the barricades…” Join us as we sit down with long-time anarchist activist, organizer, insurgent, entrepreneur, and public intellectual, scott crow for the first installment of Anarchy in Austin. In this episode, we pick scott’s brain on topics including anarchism, dual power, solidarity and community building, capitalism, social justice, ecology, and his experiences in anarchist activism. Filmed spring 2016.

  • William Gillis on Anarchy, Ethics, and Everything Inbetween

    1 minute read Published: by Joel Williamson

    Join us for a quick conversation with William Gillis. A few of the topics covered are the experience of being second generation, anarcho-transhumanism, youth liberation, the state and capitalism, freed markets, and the utilitarian case for maximizing choice. William Gillis is a second generation anarchist, long time activist, the Coordinating Director for the Center For a Stateless Society, and current Guest Editor for Anarcho-Transhumanism: A Journal Of Radical Possibility and Striving.

  • Grant Mincy on Ecology and Freedom

    1 minute read Published: by Joel Williamson

    Join us for a conversation with Grant Mincy on ecology and freedom where we discuss ecology, liberty, and ways that states are destructive to environmental wellbeing and how decentralization provides solutions. Grant Mincy is a senior fellow at the Center for a Stateless Society ( where he holds the Elinor Ostrom Chair in Environmental Studies and Commons Governance. He also blogs at He earned his Masters degree in Earth and Planetary Science from the University of Tennessee in the summer of 2012.

  • Maggie McNeill on The Politics of Sex Work

    1 minute read Published: by Joel Williamson

    Join us as we sit down with Maggie McNeill at the 2016 Exploring Anarchism conference and get her thoughts on The War On Whores. Maggie is a self a self described “overeducated, loud-mouthed whore” and writes at the popular blog The Honest Courtesan in “addition to the usual harlotry”. You can read Maggie’s Blog at We suggest you start with on her about page. Maggie also has a great page of facts a figures you can find here: https://maggiemcneill.

  • Outright Libertarians on Gays, Guns, and Queer Liberation

    1 minute read Published: by Joel Williamson

    An impromptu conversation with Mike Shipley and Traci Baker of Outright Libertarians at their table during the 2016 Exploring Anarchism conference. For more information on Outright go to For more information on PinkPistols go to