Non Serviam Podcast #3 — Clay Zdobylak

1 minute read Published: by Joel Williamson

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Clay Zdobylak is an anarchist from Houston, Texas who graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Anthropology and a Minor in Philosophy from The University of Houston. Clay describes himself as a boy with a wooden sword who never grew up — a savage, owing no allegiance but to the King of the Cannibals; ready at any moment to rebel against him. He fits in no boxes but would loosely identify with post-civ, egoist communalism, and playful anti-work utopianism. When pressed on what underlies his social commitments, he may express that he “just wants to go home”.

Like most interesting political thinkers, Clay loathed the authoritarianism of public schools and was nearly a drop out his entire time under the thumb of the Texas Independent School District. He was even punished once for dubiously “inciting a riot”, demanding the freedom of expression his senior year of high school. His childhood may have something to do with the collage of anti-authoritarian uniqueness he embraces nowadays.

For this installment, Clay and I sit down over drinks and discuss ritual, narrative, post modernism, egoism, ad hoc interpretations of god & christianity, altruism, solipsism, anarchism, post-anarchism, anthropology, post-civilization, and radical compassion.

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