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  • Non Serviam Podcast #15 — Zachary Woodman | Mutual Exchange Radio Crossover Ep.

    1 minute read Published: by Joel Williamson

    Zachary Woodman is a Master of Philosophy student at Western Michigan University, a market anarchist, and the host of the Center For a Stateless Society’s Mutual Exchange Radio podcast. His research interests include political philosophy, meta-ethics, philosophy of social science, and decision theory. He’s particularly interested in the intersections of anarchist and liberal political theory, the legitimacy of political authority, and the practical implications of philosophical anarchism. In this interview, we discussed why markets matter, democracy, borders, nationalism, Mutual Exchange Radio, Center for a Stateless Society, and a whole lot more.

  • Non Serviam Podcast #2 — Jason Lee Byas

    1 minute read Published: by Joel Williamson

    This is the second episode and first interview for the Non Serviam Podcast. In this installment, we interview Jason Lee Byas. Jason is a fellow at the Center for a Stateless Society, a PhD student in Philosophy, and writes on various topics such as prison abolition, war, and radical liberalism. We discuss radical liberalism, ethics, his fascination with strange ideas, and more. Read Jason’s articles – Follow Jason on Twitter – https://twitter.