Maggie McNeill on The Politics of Sex Work

Join us as we sit down with Maggie McNeill at the 2016 Exploring Anarchism conference and get her thoughts on The War On Whores.

Maggie is a self a self described “overeducated, loud-mouthed whore” and writes at the popular blog The Honest Courtesan in “addition to the usual harlotry”.

You can read Maggie’s Blog at

We suggest you start with on her about page.

Maggie also has a great page of facts a figures you can find here:

And she has a resources page with a “plethora of studies and other materials”.

Maggie in a Cato Unbound Online Debate.

A Video interview with Reason TV.

You can find what Maggie has written at Reason here:

Washington Post: