Anarchy in Austin with Derrick Broze

“How can we create a world that is going to lead to anarchy? I believe we do that by creating more empowered individuals”

Join us for the 6th episode of Anarchy In Austin as we sit down with Derrick Broze. Derrick describes himself as an activist, anarchist, author, and most of all – a free human trying to figure out solutions to problems he sees in the world.

In this interview we discuss Derrick’s community focused activism as the founder of the Houston Free Thinkers, his journalism, his writing and his Decentralize Your Life Tour, how spirituality has had an impact on his philosophy and specifically his concept of Wholistic Anarchism, agorism not just as truly freed markets of goods and services but of ideas and ways of life, and his involvement as an activist and a journalist in indigenous struggle and his views on native resistance.

“I make it a goal of mine to read all of these different anarchists. I consider myself to be an individualist anarchist; inspired by Josiah Warren, Benjamin Tucker, and Spooner […] but I also like some of Kropotkin’s ways of explaining anarchism, and his view as well.”

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